It Is Getting Closer!

I love teaching workshops. I love the idea of an intensive period of time set aside to focus on one thing. Immersing. It really works. Shutting off everything else and spending hours deepening our knowledge. Incorporating accelerated learning methods to achieve more than could be done in little snippets here and there.

 As I plan for the next vocal workshop I am running, “Sing From Your Soul” I am excited for the new levels that people will reach. On one of my workshops two women walked out together with tears running down their cheeks saying, “it was the best day of our lives.” That is how powerful it can be to find your voice!

Mick on Wheels  is set to perform at  Sing From Your Soul
Mick on Wheels is set to perform at Sing From Your Soul

Recently, I was with my friend Mick on Wheels. He is an amazing singer and one that I respect greatly. We have performed together a number of times having a ball each and every time. We first met in a recording studio when he was finishing his album and I was singing backing vocals on it. I loved what I heard on the tracks and was knocked out by his sound! Such soul! I just had the honour of singing with him for the birthday celebration of one of Australia’s top guitarists Peter Northcote. It was held at a well known venue in Sydney called, “The Basement.” Before we arrived I invited him to perform at “Sing From Your Soul” on 17th November 2012 and he has graciously accepted so I want to take this time to introduce him to you a bit more.

Mick delivers a powerful vocal range through various genres of music. From Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, Soul to Reggae and much more. He has been working as a professional singer since 1995 including alongside artists such as: Human Nature, John Foreman, Dragon front man - Mark Williams, Guitar Virtuoso: Bruce Mathiske, Rose Tattoo Singer: Angry Anderson, Sydney 'A' Grade Session Guitarist: Peter Northcote, Singer Jacky Love, Actress/Singer Maria Venuti and regularly performs each year with the famous Jeff Harvey Band.

Other events include playing a lead role in a sixty piece production called ‘Odyssey on Stage’ which travelled to America, Europe and the Caribbean. With three original albums under his belt, his recording experience is extensive. He currently tours his live show, "Voices of Soul" to sell-out audiences.

He understands how to promote himself, get gigs, build his repertoire, and he works with amazing musicians. By the way, he does all this with a disability as he has spent his life in a wheelchair after contracting meningitis in hospital when he was a newborn.  He is incredibly inspirational and works very hard in the music industry.

You will LOVE what he brings to “Sing From your Soul” and I am so excited he is willing to share with you all as I can think of no greater inspiration that Mick. To top it off, he is funny too.

I have asked him to perform for you (jaws were dropping at The Basement as soon as he began to sing) and I will also be interviewing him on HOW to promote yourself, HOW to get gigs, HOW to find your own niche and HOW to stay positive when it gets tough.

This workshop is a fantastic opportunity for you. An opportunity you do not want to miss out on. With Mick bringing his expertise along, it is another very powerful reason why you should take some time to deliberately invest in yourself, your gifts and your goals. Whether you want to be a professional singer or not isn’t the point. We all use our voice every day. Being able to use your voice and communicate well, whether singing or speaking , is the greatest skill you could ever possess.

So make sure you register now for “Sing From Your Soul”.

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I am looking forward to seeing you at SFYS!

Here is a great quote that shows us the way to success:

“Success doesn't have to come in a big chunk. Small daily wins increase my confidence level.” Kuan Kim San