What does Simone do?

Simone is a professional singer, recording artist, songwriter, author, speaker and vocal coach. She is one of the leading vocal workshop facilitators in Sydney, Australia.

Simone is a highly trained and skilled vocal coach and for over twenty years she has taught thousands of voice lessons, working with hundreds of students and professional singers helping them to find their voice. Simone provides musical tools, expert knowledge and practical resources to students in live workshops and in specialised one on one private coaching and mentoring. She works with people of all ages who are passionate about music, singing, creativity and reaching new levels of ability. Simone is dedicated to seeing her clients achieve their dreams and she assists in unlocking their true potential. Her students range from brand new beginners to seasoned and experienced professionals.

In the background, Simone also supports many causes that aim to bring justice to the world.

How Does She Do It?

She brings her warmth and well known approach to her students guiding them to greater heights musically. She specialises in working on developing strong confidence and self belief. Many report, "Simone is so much more than a vocal coach." She offers various fun and informative workshops and events as well as private coaching which is tailored to each individual. As an accomplished piano player, she often works with students focussing on their song writing and accompanies in lessons and live performance showcases.

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Key Benefits She Delivers

  • Powerful and effective vocal methods to improve pitch, use of vibrato, breathing, musical understanding and much more.
  • An all round life approach to coaching which encompasses health, spiritual and musical goals so that you can have clarity and freedom in your voice and in life.
  • Clear steps and guidance on how to build an amazing repertoire so that you can develop your singing skills.
  • Incredible opportunities to perform live with an audience, sing in a recording studio and even create music videos so that you can experience various aspects of the music industry.
  • Clarity of teaching style and excellent resources to build vocal prowess, performance skills, inner strength and an overcoming mindset so that you can work towards being your best.
  • Professional expertise that spans twenty years, so you can be assured that you have the highest level of coaching and guidance.

Here are just some of the many organisations, companies and individuals Simone has worked with and for: